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Tips for Self - Publishing Authors


Often overlooked, it is vital to have a professional editor review your book. One of the biggest criticisms of self-published books is their lack of editing. 

Pay for professional cover design

In this day of "do it yourself," many self-publishers do not consider the negative impact a poorly designed cover may have on sales. Professional cover design will get you noticed as a legitimate player in the industry. 

Research Social Networking

Social media sites such as FacebookTwitter and Pinterest are free, popular and fairly easy to use in getting the word out about your book.


Facebook page

This free online site is a fast growing mecca of people around the world. Unlike a blog, your notices or blurbs are limited to smaller chunks of information. You can add a cover image of your book, links to your web site, or information about your topic.

Kindle Version

In addition to your printed version, you might consider offering a Kindle ebook for sale. The price to convert your book is a one-time cost, and Amazon makes it easy to sell your Kindle version. Amazon only sells Kindle ebooks, they do not sell iPad or Nook. It takes some time and patience to learn the ropes of self-publishing on Kindle but when you do there is no looking back.

Create a Website

Obtain a domain name for your company, book title or your name. Have a website created that showcases information about your book, including excerpts, an image of your book cover and a way for book orders to be submitted back to you via the web. 

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