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A versatile professional with a background in Human Resources, Nisha Mohan balances her corporate expertise with her newfound passion for writing non-fiction. Holding a Bachelor of Arts degree in Industrial Relations and Economics from Jyoti Nivas College, and having completed her PGDHRM from Symbiosis, Pune, she brings a practical approach to her literary pursuits.

​Nisha's debut novel, 'An Unforgettable Holiday,' published in July 2020, marked the realization of her long-held dream of becoming an author. She has now ventured into the realm of non-fiction, where she seeks to share her knowledge and insights in a compelling and accessible manner.

Nisha, a tea connoisseur, lives in Bangalore, India, with her exceptionally calm husband and darling son. And when she is not multi-tasking or spending time with her little tyke, you can catch her writing into the wee hours from the comfort of her porch.

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