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A versatile professional with a background in Human Resources, Nisha Mohan balances her corporate expertise with her newfound passion for writing non-fiction. Holding a Bachelor of Arts degree in Industrial Relations and Economics from Jyoti Nivas College, and having completed her PGDHRM from Symbiosis, Pune, she brings a practical approach to her literary pursuits.

Nisha's debut novel, 'An Unforgettable Holiday,' published in July 2020, marked the realization of her long-held dream of becoming an author. Driven by her desire to captivate readers when it comes to fiction, she crafts engaging narratives filled with unexpected twists that leave her audience guessing until the very end.

While Nisha's journey started as a fiction writer, she has now ventured into the realm of non-fiction, where she seeks to share her knowledge and insights in a compelling and accessible manner.​

Nisha, a tea connoisseur, lives in Bangalore, India, with her exceptionally calm husband and darling son. And when she is not multi-tasking or spending time with her little tyke, you can catch her writing into the wee hours from the comfort of her porch.

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