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An Unforgettable Holiday

 What Happens When Love Has No Boundaries...

‘An Unforgettable Holiday is a Contemporary Romance and Suspense Fiction Novel with a tinge of thrill. Tania is an independent young woman, living and working in, Bangalore, India.

She is increasingly attracted to her work colleague, Aarav, but believes him to be committed to another woman.

So when the charming and handsome, Dhruv is introduced to her, she tries to forget about her feelings for Aarav and move on. Things get complicated when Aarav chooses to reciprocate mutual feelings for Tania. Soon, Dhruv, Tania and Aarav, along with a few good friends, take off on a holiday to Goa where dark secrets begin to unfold.

What happens in Goa ? What is the reason for Aarav's sudden turn around? Who is Dhruv? Are the men in Tania's life, really whom she thinks they are?

Or is there more to them than what meets the eye?

What are those secrets that are being harbored?
Only time will tell.

Welcome to a Love Story with a difference.
Welcome to - An Unforgettable Holiday.


Adhirath Sethi,


An Unforgettable Holiday takes an interesting twist on the usual love story, presenting the reader with twists and turns, but at the same time maintaining the tempo and passion needed of a romance. The characters are three dimensional and the author does a wonderful job of building them up such that their motivations and the decisions they take as the plot picks up align well with their true natures. At the end, the twist is most unexpected!

Lumina Lawrence

 - HR Professional

I am usually not an big fan of romantic story lines but the synopsis and the reviews got me all excited to get read this fabulous book. Totally enjoyed every bit of it . Wonderful read and most importantly this story was so relatable to my own personal life ! Kudos to the Author Nisha . I'd love to see more coming from her . Wishing all the more luck to this amazingly talented woman. ! A must must read guys.!



The book hooks the reader from the opening scene and the pace does not slacken. Office life and the camaraderie between colleagues is depicted in an authentic manner.

The twist in the end is what sets this book apart from other romantic sagas.

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